What is fantasy?  This month we will be living in a fantastic world where the most funny and outrageous things can happen! We are going to pretend to be anything that we can. Children imagination is a precious resource for their learning abilities, if we tap into  this the results will mesmerize us. Listening to kids marvelous stories take us back to that inner child who is always happy and playful inside us all. We want to represent that reality during this month so we all can enjoy!

During the first week we will be talking, dancing, painting, reading and eating fantasy, children will be able to be what they want. Painting their faces will take them to the character they want,, fantastic stories will be read to them,puppets will be with us during some classes, magic recipes will come to surprise our senses!

The second week will be about taking the job of very special characters such as pumpkin growers, paper plane folders, puppy dog holders, mixing bowl lickers, tin can kickers, bubble gum poppers and so on….. it will be incredible.

The third week will bring us more laughter as we think what all these special characters can do to make their job even more special! Surprises will come our way..

The last week everything will make sense as we choose what we want to be, get dressed as our dream character, imagine what that character will eat, where will he live? All this will be made during our art classes, with a lot of materials, colors,glue,dough,food, and whatever we can think of!

In science we will get familiarized with different textures and materials. Can you imagine what fantastic materials a “deep-hole digger”  will need or what happens when a “Dizzy dancer Spinner” cant stop spinning? All these questions will be answered in our fantastic science classes!

Rhyme of the Month

Una princesa, un dragon y un duende

se encontraron un diente

El diente era de un marrano

y se comieron un banano

El banano era amarillo

y prendieron un bombillo.

Value of the Month


Creativity is the power of imagination. It is discovering your special talents. Dare to see the things in new ways to solve problems. With your creativity, you can bring something new into the world.

Independence Day

There are no classes today. We hope you have a lovely 4th of July.


Please send an apple.

I am a baby

Today I must come wearing my baby pajamas, a baby bottle and a compote.

Gift Time

Who doesn’t love surprises! Today we will have an special sharing day. Please send a unisex wrapped gift. (Not higher than $4)


Today we will be clowns! Come dressed like a clown, face painting is OK. Be creative.

Funky Friday

Welcome to Fantasyland! Come wearing your favorite costume! Princesses and superheroes are welcome!!!


We need a volunteer who can bring a plain cake.

Teachers will give you more details.

Farewell Party

Today we will say bye bye to a marvelous year! Thanks for your constant support and for being amazing families.

See you again on Monday, August the 1st.



Special Teacher training Day

Teachers brain mode ON!!!

These days we will preparing everything for the next school year.

See you in August the 1st.