This month we will do lots of fun experiments to understand our senses, taste, smell and touch. We will see that the mouth is considered as the door through which food enters our bodies, the tongue is responsible for testing and to tell us what they taste like and if we like them or not. The teeth are our friends who are in charge of biting and our grinders of chewing and crush the food in order to swallow it so it does not get  stuck in our throats.

We will play to identify different flavors; sweet, sour, bitter and salty tasting everyday many foods, also smell and identify the ones we like and the unpleasant ones, strong and soft and where do they come from.

The teachers and children will go over the food pyramid and classify the food from each group (fruits,vegetables, grains, meats and dairy) taste, smell, size and we will learn the importance of healthy foods and how to keep our bodies healthy so it can grow strong.

These are some of the activities that we will be doing this month and here is how you can help me…

During the entire month we will be experimenting and therefore we will get really dirty and wet, so please send me a change of clothes everyday and and extra diaper (everything should be labeled with my name) so I can get wet and do not have to worry.

Rhyme of the month


Value of the Month


Joyfulness is an inner state of happiness and peace. Sometimes, when the fun stops, our happiness stops along whit it. Joy is a state of inner – playfulness that carries us through the hard times. Joy gives us wings! When you appreciate the many possibilities that each day brings, you will naturally show joyfulness.


Get ready for the summer Activities. You find the schedule in your communication notebook. Everyday we will have different activities.

Water Day: Please send your child wearing their bathing suit, sunscreen on, a labeled towel and an extra change of clothes.

Cooking Day: You are more than welcome to come to prepare your preferred recipe.

Movie Day: You can send pop corn to share (optional).

Olympic Games: You can send a special price for every player! Stickers, stamps, medals, even world cups (Optional).

Messy arts: Send an old t-shirt or any cloth that can get really messy.


Please bring something sour in my lunchbox!

Book Fair

We will be having an amazing Book Fair to highlight the joy of reading!

Send you children with money so they can purchase their favorite books or stop by with time for 8:45am-3:000m

Prices range form $50-400



Assessments Week

The last Assessment Week is here!

Please sign your name in the sheet provided by Mariana to choose the time that better fits you (Parent-Teacher Conference)


Please bring something bitter in my lunchbox.


Tutti Frutti Day! Please send a fruit in my snack.


Please send a vegetable in my snack.


My snack should include some dairy products.


We need a volunteer that help us bringing nuggets, fish stick, sausages or shrimps.

We are learning the importance of protein.


I need to bring a raw egg on my lunchbox.

Teacher Training Day

Teachers will be training their brains! If you want to bring your child please reserve your place no later than 5 days before. The cost is $350 from 8:45am to 3:00pm.


Come wearing your best outfit. We will have a very elegant breakfast where we’ll talk about good manners.

Send something healthy  delicious to share.


Bring any food that you DO NOT like.

Funky Friday

Come wearing your favorite fruit, veggie, food, sports lover, or anything that helps us live a healthy life!

Be creative! Recycle, reuse and reduce