This month we will be learning a bunch of interesting things about our Planet Earth. We already know that Planet Earth is part of our solar system and that it revolves around the sun. We will see that Earth is a great sphere formed by rocks, soil and water.

All animals, humans, plants and  living organism inhabit our beautiful planet.

The first week, we will see that the core of the earth is very hot due to the pressure that resides there. There is so much heat inside the earth that rocks melt and turn into lava. At this time lava searches for a way out through the volcanoes. Fun experiments will teach us what pressure is and how a volcanoes work.

Second week will be all about water! Seeing that our planet is made up mainly of water. Vast oceans, rivers and lakes are home for many living things that are a very important part of our ecosystem. Being very aware and conscious about that, we will learn to take extra care of our waters. Experiments will show us the different states of the water.

Third week, we will be talking about a very important element, that is “Air”. We will see how it is distributed in the atmosphere of our planet. It is difficult to get to know it because we cannot see it,  we breathe it and it is all around us.

The last week of September ,we will learn about the soil. Soil is the place where we grow our food and many living things live there or need it to survive. We will go out to the park and get very messy(as usual) as we experiment, touch and mold the soil. Plants will be our main teacher, showing us their roots, how they absorb water and what they eat.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Rhyme of the month:

La Tierra es redonda como un balón,

y da muchas vueltas alrededor del sol.

La Tierra es redonda como una naranja,

y en dar una vuelta todo el año tarda.

La Tierra da vueltas y quieta no está,

de tanto dar vueltas se va a marear.

Value of the month


Respect is when you speak to others with kind words and act with good manners. You follow the rules and do not talk back to your parents, teachers, or any adult. You appreciate that everyone is different in the way they look, act,or think. You must also respect yourself, if you do do, others will respect you.



Today I need to bring magazine cut outs of animals and/or humans.

Teacher Training Day

Teachers will be training their brains! If you want to bring your child please reserve your place no later than 5 days before. The cost is $350 from 8:45 to 3:00pm.

Discipline Talk

4:00pm with Natalia Montaño (Aguamarina’s Founder).

Please RSVP


If the weather allows please put my bathing suit underneath my uniform and a towel in my bag pack with my name on it.

We will have water day!


We need a parent volunteer to bring some healthy popsicles for the class


I need to bring one soda can, or a parent volunteer to bring 5 cans or one littler bottle (It must have gas).


Since we are talking about our planet and how to take care of it and ourselves my costume should be made only with recycled materials!

The theme could be animals, babies, dinosaurs, the planet, plants our anything that lives on planet earth.