This month will be very entertaining. We will have amusing activities where we will learn many new things.  We will learn about our bodies, what the parts they are made of are and each of their functions. We will study the 5 senses, smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing. We will do many experiments on this matter where we will learn to identify our senses and how to intensify them. we will be able to identify what body part we utilize to perceive different stimuli and distinguish between those that are pleasant and those that are not.

We will see what characteristics each one of us processes;  eye color, hair color, weight, height, age and gender. We will realize that we are all different but that inside we are equals and have very large hearts that  feel love towards our family and others. We will create a pretty book based on the this.  We will see how we should take care of our body, our hygiene and our diet. We will also learn that it is important to respect our bodies as well as the bodies of others. It will help if you reinforce the lesson at home by asking me to name the parts of my body and asking me about their function. Also, please inform me that what i am eating is used as “fuel” for our bodies, like gasoline for cars and that if we eat healthy food we will have a lot of energy and we will feel good and healthy.

Rhyme of the Month


I have 5 senses

I use them every day,

Taste – smell – hearing – touch and sight.

What can you taste?

What can you smell?

What can you hear?

What can you touch?

What can you see?

Value of the Month


 Being humble is how you show others that you don’t think you are better then they are. You are thoughtful of other people’s needs and you want to help them without expecting anything in return. You accept that everyone makes mistakes and try to learn from your own missteps.

When you succeed at something, and you politely show thanks instead of pride, you are showing your humbleness.


Please send a hard boiled egg.


Please send 10 cutouts of food.



Discipline Conference

Struggling with discipline situations. Come and learn amazing tools to win every situation and manage positive discipline.

Please reserve your place at the office.

South Miami: Tuesday 9 at 9:15

Brickell Campus: Thursday 11at 9:15




Book Fair

We have invited Barefoot Books back, the award-winning children’s book publisher for an autumn book fair. You can stop by with your child or send them money to purchase their favorite book.

8:45am to 3:00pm

Prices vary between $8 – $20.

Brickell Campus Tuesday 16th

South Miami Campus: Wednesday 17th

Funky Friday

Celebrate your BODY!

Come wearing any part of your body: eyes, ears, hearts,  digestive system, lungs, etc.

Be creative!


Please send your child’s toothbrush. Don’t forget to label it.



Teacher Training Day

South Miami Campus Thursday 22nd

Brickell Campus: Friday 26th

Teachers will be training their brains! If you want to bring your child please reserve your place no later than one day before. The cost is $40 from 8:45 to 3:00pm.

Memorial Day

There are no classes due to Memorial Day.


Yeyyyy! Today you can bring your pet!