Jugglers, Clowns,fairies,unicorns,gnomes,magicians,singing animals that are cage free,princess, superheroes,elves,human-robots,witches,Octopuses that are teachers and much more amazing characters will be inside Aguamarina this month.

Fantasy is a reality for our kids, they really are all these amazing beings and the best part is that we can make them learn from them!  So during the month of july all of us will enjoy and remember what it was like to be that powerful magician or that singing whale that every time she blowed transported us to another time frame!

During the first week we will explore what a fantasy is, our face will be painted green to be Hulk, or with magic circles to transform into whatever I imagine. Many things will happen during this week where fantastic stories will be read and puppets will be our friends who share our snack with us!

Second week will be where we Discover where these amazing characters live and where they work. Where does aquaman work? what does he do? Can that multicolor unicorn take me to the moon? Circle time will include stories that will take our full attention and our imagination will expand with every sentence!

The third week will involve marvelous people that inhabit a magical circus . The elastic man that can stretch all the way to the sky and bring us a star, or the skinniest woman that can fit through a paper clip, the crazy clown that only laughs and has never spoken a word, balancing professionals that can walk in straws…

this will be sooo amazing!

The last week we can choose our favorite character and in art we will create them with all kind of materials like paint,gum,pasta,plastic,cans, whatever we can come up with.

Science classes will provide us with the opportunity of experimenting with several different textures and materials. Experimenting with different kinds of things will allow us to understand the versatility of many projects.

Poem of the month

El duende olvidadizo.

De un duende trata esta historia,

y de su frágil memoria.

Lugar por donde pasaba,

siempre algo olvidaba.

Su gorro, un calcetín

o un mordido chupetín.

Olvidaba lo que hacía

y también lo que decía.

Dónde había estado ayer

o si era hora de comer.

Sus vecinos preocupados,

buscaban por todos lados.

Y así aparecían cosas,

no siempre maravillosas:

Un helado derretido, un fideo mal cocido.

Un piyama con ositos, todo lleno de agujeritos.

Value of the Month


Creativity is the power of imagination. It is discovering your special talents. Dare to see the things in new ways to solve problems. With your creativity, you can bring something new into the world.


There are no classes today. We hope you have a lovely 4th of July.


Come dressed like superman or supergirl! Be creative!


Today I can bring my favorite TOY.


Come dressed like an elf.


Hocus pocus… Bring a mysterious ingredient for our magic potion.

Funky Friday

Welcome to Fantasyland! Come wearing your favorite costume! Princesses and superheroes are welcome!!!


Today we will be clowns! Come dressed like a clown, face painting is OK. Be creative.

farewell Party

Today we will say bye bye to a marvelous year! Thanks for your constant support and for being amazing families.

See you again on Monday, August the 1st.



Teacher Training Day

Teachers brain mode ON!!!

These days we will preparing everything for the next school year.

See you in August the 1st.


Please put a waterproof sun block in your child at the morning and send him/her a hat to be protected by the sun.

Also it is Mosquito time, please put enough repelente before you vestir your child.