This month we will learn about our feelings. We will understand that they are inside our body and we cannot touch them or see them, that we are all different, however, our feelings are the same. We will realize that our feelings show our mood and that there are some feelings that we like better than others.

We will find different ways to express our feelings: happiness, sadness, fear, calm, anger, trust.

In Art, we will be working with sculpture as an art technique. 


Del cielo cayo una rosa

Mi madre la recogió

se la puso en el ombligo

y que linda que quedo.


Pablito clavo un clavito

que clavito clavo pablito?


Ser feliz, quiero ser feliz.

Rascarme la barriga, rascarme la nariz.

Ser feliz cuando salga el sol

darte besitos, darte mi amor.

Ser feliz con mis amigos,

mantenernos siempre unidos.

Y caminar por el mar

recogiendo estrellas, caballitos de mar.

Construyendo castillos con arena en los bolsillos.

Ser feliz, ¡quiero ser feliz!

Ser feliz, quiero ser feliz.

Rascarme la barriga, rascarme la nariz.

Ser feliz porque tengo voz

puedo escucharte, puedo oler una flor.

Ser feliz con mis amigos.

Y dejar abierto el camino que nos llevará

A cuidar este lindo planeta que da vueltas y vueltas

Y que siempre parece que nos tiene sorpresas



End of the Year Show

South Miami Campus: Tuesday 4th

Brickell Campus: Wednesday 5th

Our End of the Year Show will be held at the Colony Theatre in Lincoln Rd. at 10:00am.

Summer Time

Get ready for the summer Activities. You find the schedule in your communication notebook. Everyday we will have different activities.

Water Day: Please send your child wearing their bathing suit under the uniform, sunscreen on, a labeled towel and an extra change of clothes.

Cooking Day: You can volunteer to come and prepare one of our delicious recipes.

Movie Day: You can send popcorn to share (optional).

Olympic Games: You can send a special price for every player! Stickers, stamps, medals, even world cups (Optional).

Messy art: Send an old t-shirt or any cloth that can get really messy.

Funky Friday

Come dressed as your favorite emotion – feeling (happy, sad, angry, fear…)



Teacher Training Day

South Miami Campus: Thursday 27th

Brickell and Baby Brickell Campus: Friday 28th

Teachers will be training their brains! If you want to bring your child please reserve your place no later than one day before. The cost is $40 from 8:45 to 3:00pm.