Welcome to the jungle! This will be a green month!

We will learn about the jungle which is a huge area full of trees. These trees main objective is to breathe impure air and exhale pure air. Jungles are located in the tropics right at the center of our Planet, they always have warm rainy weather. Rain water forms rivers, lakes and waterfalls. We can find a variety of trees, plants and animals. Some of the animal that live in the jungle are birds, crocodiles, tigers, panthers, snakes and insects.

The most important thing we will reinforce during this month is that we need to take care of our jungle otherwise our planet will not be able to breathe and many animals will be left without a home.

In Art, we will be working on blending colors.

Rhyme of the month

Animales haciendo ejercicio.

(Los niños deben ir haciendo las acciones que pide cada estrofa)

Dice el sapo Roberto 

que baile con todo el cuerpo.

Dice el mono Emiliano

Que caminan en las manos

Dice la avetruz Salome 

Que caminen en un pie

Dice la serpiente Julieta

Que se rueden como croqueta

Dice la lora Anacleta

Que monten en bicicleta

Dice la señora rana 

que griten con muchas ganas

Dice el gran elefante

Que se estiren como gigantes

Dice la tortuga Topacio

Que se acueste muy despacio.



Art Basel

South Miami Campus: December 4th

Brickell and Baby Brickell Campus: December 5th

Aguamarina invites you to the most amazing art exhibition in Miami 6:00pm – 8:00pm



Book Fair

South Miami Campus: December 11th

Brickell Campus: December 12th

Baby Brickell Campus: December 13th

We have invited Barefoot Books back, the award- winning children’s book publisher, for a book fair. Like you, we want your children to develop a love for reading and an appreciation for the world’s many cultures. Barefoot’s emphasizes on imagination, creativity, diversity and community.

Funky Friday

We welcome animals and creatures from the jungle. Be creative!

Teacher Training Day

South Miami Campus and Brickell Campus: December 21st

Teachers will be training their brains! If you want to bring your child please reserve your place no later than one day before. The cost is $40 from 8:45 to 3:00pm.



Winter Break

Happy Holidays!!!

Classes will resume on Monday, January 7th, 2019

Please contact the office if you would like to sign up for winter camp.