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Our mission is simple. We aim to empower our members to show the world how to be kind. Kind to ourselves and others, animals and natural resources, and our planet.



We have developed interactive books with different core topics that allow children to dive into the concept, build ownership, and spread awareness to their communities.



Each teacher or facilitator will receive an introduction kit with a guide on how to complete the project.
This kit includes:
1. Information on each chosen topic. Participants will be engaged in simple classroom lessons
that will help expand their understanding and indulge them with passion, creativity, and
2. An interactive book for each student which will de developed throughout classes. Children will have a key part in this magical journey, they will be the book’s illustrator; a very important job Students will create each page to make this book come alive.



As soon as participants finish their book they will become proud members of the good heart citizen. community. Parents and families will be invited to see the books that students have created. Students will have the opportunity to express their experience and how they have become part of the good heart citizen.
On graduation day, children will receive a diploma where they will be promoted to good heart citizen. and a package with an honorary pin that will enable them to be exemplary members of the community.



Being a good heart citizen. is a very important title world wide.
Their mission will be to lead by example, to teach families and communities the importance of good deeds, of taking care and respect our planet, its natural resources, our animals and our fellow citizens.
This title allows them to teach and show others how it is possible to work in teams towards the same purpose and how we take care of each other. This way, if they encounter someone who is littering, they can show their good heart citizens cap and teach them that it is better to use the garbage can. This consolidates the learning process, motivates them to be good citizens and pass it on to others.



At least once a month, the good heart citizen. members must send their good heart leader evidence of a good deed done during the month. (pictures, videos, drawings or e-mail)
This person will receive a greeting e-mail and a big clap.
These good deeds will be sent to Big Minds Happy Hearts where they will be kept on the good- heart record. Additionally, each month, the website will include some of the member’s names, their good deed and a photo.



Annually, recognition will be given to those members who accumulate the most good deeds or every time they create a new book as a project for their next school grade level. This way they can promoted. (24 good deeds means a new heart) The more hearts the more love you’re spreading.
When children receive a recognition, this generates a sense of leadership which will motivate them to keep working on their role as good heart citizen. as they grow up.



The school, community, or business participating will be certified as a good heart citizen. leader. They will be receiving a diploma and a certified decal to display on their door. The newly certified institutions will appear on the our website under the “Recognized Leaders” list.



Pictures of children going above and beyond to help spread awareness will be celebrated on our website.



Our good heart citizen will create awareness and will influence their parents, siblings and relatives, creating better habits to implement at home such as recycling, energy saving, use of eco-friendly products, good eating habits and kindness towards one another.



Every three months, Big Minds Happy Hearts, will propose a plan so our good heart citizen. can invite their families and community to participate in different events. These events can be: cleaning the beach and/or the parks, buy in local markets, volunteer in animal shelters, collect aid for a community emergency among others.



good heart citizen. is a part of Big Minds-Happy Hearts, a non-profit organization. The core program creates consciousness and shares awareness about the importance of being kind and spreading kindness to our world.



We strongly believe that children are the future. By emerging early learners in this interactive experience they will become passionate and take ownership of their actions that will then affect others and our planet.



Everyone. From schools to communities, and from corporations to homes. We can all be part of making the world a better place.



The cost if $40.00 per child. $4.50 per child per month. (Includes one book, lesson plans, diploma, pin and personal following from the good heart leader assigned.)
If the project is sponsored by an entity, then it will be at no cost for the school or community.

If you are kind, kindness will shine around you and reflect onto others!

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