Learning areas

Aguamarina’s campuses are designed  specifically to meet our annual learning program. Each classroom is equipped with a wide variety of materials.  Our teachers  use them with students ages 1 through 6.



Language explosion:

We work phonological awareness which includes: letters, sounds, pronunciation, vocabulary, sight words, rhymes , reading and reading comprehension.


Art studio:

Our kids can express themselves freely by working on their own and on group projects. They will be exposed to a lot of different materials that stimulate their creativity.




Science Lab:

We teach children awareness of processes and later they develop mental  structures to organize them.  By taking part in fun and useful experiments, our students will also discover why and how things work. The environment created at the science lab supports and encourages curiosity, as well as developing inquiry skills in children.


Genius field:

Numbers are an essential part in Aguamarina’s curriculum. Through fun games and real life experiences children will learn the meaning of numbers, spatial reasoning, critical thinking, sets, colors and shapes.


We are a proudly a Good Heart citizen school!

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Gym Motion:

Students participate in activities where they acquire skills such as: coordination, balance, equilibrium, team games. They will also have an approach to different sports such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. We also incorporate music and body expression in our gross motor skills activities.


Writing boom:

Our fantastic multi-sensory method of learning how to write will acknowledge each child potential so that the process will be smooth, fun and successful, while developing abilities in order to get precise fine motor skills.



Fantasy Land:

Takes place in a magical environment where our students play and develop creativity, they also learn to share and play as part of a group.


Sensory Sensation:

Allows children to explore through their five senses while providing them with an understanding of their surroundings.




We are excellence:

We are proud members of the AISF (Association of Independent Schools of Florida), which entitles us to the Gold Seal making us a school of the highest quality standards.